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Saturday, Aug 12, 9 PM @ Rock School: The Night Sky | Perseid Meteor Shower (weather permitting)

Friday, August 18, 7 PM | "Gateway to Freedom" - Underground Railroad | Eric Foner

Miniature Exhibit all Summer: Saturdays & Sundays | 11 AM - 1 PM

2017 Summer Open House | June 25th, 2017
Open House

2017 Annual Meeting | April 23, 3:00 - 5:00 P.M.

A Graphic Review of 2016 @ CHS
2016 Holiday Open House - Dec. 4th



Join us Friday night, July 8 when...


Schedule of Friday Night Gatherings 2016

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George & Greg knocked this one out of the park, and now...

2016 Summer Exhibit

Did you know that Colebrook teems with talent? Artists of every type imaginable flourish in our community. Our new exhibit - “Artists Abound” - will celebrate these artists, and their amazing creations. We'd also like to feature artists from Colebrook's past. If you have any work of art done by a local artist of years ago hanging on your wall, (or hanging out in your attic or your basement) please let us know. We'd be honored to display it. Another section of the exhibit will spotlight our artists of the future - any and all creations by Colebrook's kids are most welcome. Come to our Summer Open House on Sunday, June 26, 3-5PM, and you'll get to meet the artists in person. Or drop by the Society any Saturday or Sunday during the season (11AM-1PM) to see all the works on display.

2016 Annual Meeting

Our season begins with a very special event on Sunday, April 17. At 3PM we'll hold our annual meeting at the Town Hall Meeting Room. Then we're all invited to cross the street for an Open House/Tour of the Samuel Rockwell House.

Samuel Rockwell House

The original part of the house was built in 1766, making this year its 250th birthday! Samuel Rockwell was one of the founders of Colebrook and a militia captain during the American Revolution. His home was the principal meeting place for conducting the business of the town and the church, and for many social events. Its current caretakers, Mark and Susan Caufield, have lovingly and painstakingly restored the house to its true historical glory. You won't want to miss this rare opportunity to literally walk through Colebrook's storied past.

ROCK SCHOOL CLASS on the Rock - circa 1895



This is a postcard of The Rock School postmarked in
Bantam, Conn. on June 5, 1913 at 7PM with a one cent stamp.

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Veterans Day, November 11, 2015 — WW2 Colebrook Honor Roll

Ice Cream Social 2015

Coptic Book Collection

Open for Business

A Graphic Review of 2014 at CHS
Open House - Tools Exhibit Photos Rock School Day 2014 - Photos





The Seymour Inn ~ 1816
Home to The Colebrook Historical Society, Colebrook, Conn.

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The Colebrook Historical Society was founded in 1953 by a group of dedicated individuals who realized the benefits that such a society could make to the community.  The collections housed within the museum in the center represent various aspects of life in Colebrook from the mid-1700ís to the present.  Virtually every item was used or made in town, or has been donated by a Colebrook resident.

The Society owns the Rock Schoolhouse, located at the intersection of Sandy Brook Road and Colebrook Road.  This building, erected in 1779, and used until 1911, is perhaps the only colonial schoolhouse in the state that is essentially in its original state; it has never been electrified, nor has it ever had running water or indoor plumbing.  It is used as a learning facility by the Colebrook Consolidated School, and is open to the public on selected weekends or by request.

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